Welcome to Similkameen Dreams


Similkameen Dreams Studio provides finger style guitar lessons – beginner and intermediate (folk pattern picking, flamenco rasguado, country thumb and fingers brush, arpeggiated patterns, Travis picking, melody over chords, folk baroque, classical technique); computer electronic notation (software, midi, composition); and, creative song improvisation techniques.

Lessons are taught in a highly structured manner, blending just enough theory with the scales to be learned, chords to be mastered, techniques to be developed and pieces to be played. The Metafrets system provides a well structured approach to organizing the material.

Metafrets is a system for explaining how the guitar fingerboard works when playing scales and chords using standard tuning. It starts with the observation that there are five essential scale patterns, and five essential open chord major chord forms. These forms are related in a predictable fashion to the scale patterns. Both the scale patterns and chord forms can be moved up and down the fretboard. The chord forms can be associated with a particular key, and each chord within a key can be found in one of five zones.

Metafrets is a trademark of Similkameen Dreams Studio and Michael Zimmer.